Communications Support for NUF Activities in Ukraine

Сommunications solution to promote the development of affordable long-term loans in national currency for domestic small and medium-sized businesses from the German-Ukrainian Fund (NUF)

CSR-project UNILEVER «Communication Space»

Helping Clients Improve the Urban Environment for Kyiv Residents and Guests of the Capital

Self-Powered Electrolux

Clever Force and Electrolux help consumers understand how household electronics consume energy and learn how to save it

Non-Standard Viewing of the Champions League

Entertaining activities from TM Heineken

The Activity of the New Post at the Okean Elza Concert

Thousands of photos, hours of footage, dozens of stories in the media and thousands of parcels sent!

Don’t rush to me!

Social Campaign On Speeding Prevention

Ivan Dorn – creative leader of Martini

How to relaunch a global brand if the brand’s global content is not entirely relevant for the local market?

Hunting for the "barrel" Jack Daniel's

Online quest for connoisseurs of the famous brand

Quality-Control by Moms, from Nasha Ryaba

How can we disprove a host of negative myths and stereotypes about the production of chicken meat?

Launch of the new Nutrilon packaging

Would the new packaging increase the credibility of the brand?

Drink Activia Drink&Go and Do Whatever!

A campaign with effective SMM usage

Interactive TV from Ukrtelecom

A campaign that stimulates the subscription of IPTV from Ukrtelecom to a specific audience that does not need it

Launch of Somersby Pear

New pear fashion and a kick-off for the cider category

Now You See

Now You See is a creative demonstration of the fact that every cigarette smoked leaves its mark