Football unites not only players, but also fans, especially when you support your own team. Thе marketing services division of AGAMA Communications had to create a real fan team that would support our national players, regardless of the outcome of a particular match, and show that Ukrainians know how to root for their hearts. We managed to do this thanks to the initiative of the “First Private Brovarnia”.



The creation of the all-Ukrainian project of the fan movement “Faithful to the National Team”, which was held under the slogan #Виходь_з_хати_вболівати.
The action took place from April 22 to May 31 and consisted of 5 stages. In order to become a participant and get 2 tickets to the football match o
f the Ukrainian team, one needed to register at https://virni.com.ua/virni.
Also in Zhytomyr and Rivne,
activation was held with competitions for fans. Fans tried themselves in the role of announcer and commented on short episodes of football matches.
Of course, there was also a rap battle entertainment. T
he participants also showed their ingenuity in a football image and shared it on social networks and played fan-soccer in flippers or blindfolded.





In January 2019, more than 20,000 fans joined the fan movement “Faithful to the National Team”. The marketing services division of AGAMA Communications helped increase this number. A communication campaign was developed for the “First Private Brovarnia”, which helped to unite football fans into the national community of fans and create a real team of football fans. Now Ukrainian footballers have numerous, and most importantly, genuine support during all matches.