More and more consumers want craft beer for a mass-market price.

More and more people start losing interest in mass-market beer, but can't understand true craft beer.


We created a new brand for AB InBev portfolio that will easily compete with craft beers. Hmelevus is the beer, which combines the mass market price and the craft beer taste.

This is our consumers’ dream come true!

That's why we said that this beer is as good as dream can be.

The main character of Hmelevus is a cossack who is seeing dreams about beer ingredients. These dreams are full of bizarre stories and weird characters. Innovativeness of this idea is based on the wordplay in slogan and non-standard design for «full of rules» beer world.


The brand took its place in the line of pseudo-craft-beer category and SunInBev

plans further development of this line by adding new flavors in the future.