New strains of viruses, insidious diseases pathogens with no cure found to date, are the usual messages that make you think about your health and ecology from time to time. These are topics that are relevant.


Box office collections of movies about new threats to mankind beat all records of the film distribution, and the directors receive the coveted "Oscars". Everything mysterious causes interest, especially if it can really happen in a near future. To protect yourself and your family from the disaster, you need to know more. The greediest ones to new knowledge are burying themselves in the piles of scientific literature and visit hundreds of sites in search of fresh details that are not enough for the full picture.


People lack information. Therefore, our task was to prepare the audience for the emergence of a new unique program "Viruses" and to announce its premiere on the Discovery channel, as well as to integrate youth LifeStyle-media, such as PLATFOR.MA and YABL.


The solution to the problem was an exciting article written in the style of innovation and culture website PLATFOR.MA. We prepared interesting information, which corresponds to the content of the website, about 3 unusual viruses, the secret of infection and distribution of which is still unsolved.


The text material was accompanied by animated images and interesting photos, which complement the impression of incredible facts bordering on medicine and science fiction.


The article consists of 3 separate blocks. Each of them is dedicated to one virus among those most mysterious and interesting for the study: the Dance Plague of 1518, the English Chalice and Ebola fever. Each part holds a comprehensive information note with historical facts, interesting theories and fascinating pictures.


The article excites the imagination and causes interest. Everyone who gets acquainted with the information will want to know more details. To do this, we are sending readers to the Discovery channel, where the unique educational "Viruses" program about new invasions of the today premieres.


The result of the publication of the article "Dance plague, sweat disease, Ebola: 3 deadly diseases that humanity does not understand" on the PLATFOR.MA website is the material view by hundreds of resource visitors, exaggeration of readers' interest in the problem of modernity and the desire to learn more. The material corresponds with the website specialization and is suitable for medical section. The article makes you look at the problem differently and get more information about the program "Viruses" on the Discovery channel. After the article publication, the audience of the channel continues to grow.


Components of the project