Our country is not famous for its cycling infrastructure, however the popularity of cycling itself rises each year. Giro d'Italia is a multiple-stage bicycle race, which is considered one of the greatest along with the Tour de France and Vuelta. It is annually held in Italy and lasts for three weeks in May-June. The amount of cycling fans in our country is significantly lower than, say, the army of football lovers, although it raises every year. They are usually men in the age gap between 25 and 40 years. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of where they can watch the official cycling broadcasts as well as the other sports broadcasted on Eurosport 1 in the summer.


Taking all of the above to the account, our task was to announce the start of a new bicycle race on EUROSPORT 1 and telling the audience where they can watch it.



The solution to the problem was the preparation of RTP-material, supplemented with unique archive photos, for the news-analytical portal "Novoye Vremya". Target audience of the portal are men of 25-45 years of age and above average level of income.


This year, Giro d'Italia is dedicated to the legend of Italian sport, whose sporting achievements can surpass only the deeds for the benefit of mankind. In the article, we decided to tell about the legendary man and the main star of the Italian national cycling Gino Bartali, and cycling, while announcing the channel, the dates and days of broadcasts.


Gino Bartali was a great athlete, an idol and a model for millions of people. He believed that sports, especially cycling, should teach life, otherwise it is completely useless. He confirmed his views with his deeds. Without leaving his favorite pursuit, he became the main "courier" of the Italian Resistance delivery service and helped its participants, providing a fast and reliable communication. He managed to save hundreds of Jews during World War II, and thus he was recognized as the Righteous Among the Nations. The history of the cycling legend inspires and attracts attention of thousands of people also due to the publication of the article on the days of memory of the victims of World War II.


The article publication on the "Novoye Vremya" website attracted attention of the resource readers and increased the audience of the Eurosport 1 channel. Tens of thousands of people learned more about the history of cycling and about the legendary cycling champion Gino Bartali, who showed how sport can help accomplish great feats for the benefit of mankind and unite people in difficult periods of history, by his own example.


The number of page views on nv.ua since the material publication reached almost 7 hundred. The same number of people learned that you can see how new legends of world history and sport are born at the Giro d'Italia on the Eurosport 1 channel.


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