Top-10 EU and Top-30 WORLD: OMD Media Direction Ukraine’ rocks!




Ukrainian OMD Media Direction team was recognized as one of the 10 most effective media agencies in Europe, and ranked 29th among media agencies worldwide according to the annual international rating WARC 100 (subunit of Gunn Report *).

How did Ukraine's most effective media agency of the most efficient holding company AGAMA communications earned European recognition and what tools enabled its advance? Analyzing OMD Media Direction Ukraine’s success formula.

“Key point of our success is, obviously, our team. All of our ideas and products were created as a result of perfectly coordinated work and relentless research of the ways advertisement influences business clients. The second major factor is our approach and technologies. Taking aside the net tools at our disposal, we are constantly implementing our unique innovations since 2011 and everything we achieved so far is not the limit for us” – Tatiana Katrich, CEO of OMD Media Direction, shared the secrets of effectiveness.

Competent analysis based on data

For more than 7 years OMD Media Direction team is using its in-house developed Brand Metrics, which allows not only to predict the results of media campaigns, but also plan their step-by-step implementation while engaging the client to the process, effectively using media channels and properly allocating investments. The key method of finding sound solutions to the client’s business problems is econometric modeling: experts apply mathematical and statistical analysis and forecasting taking into account social and macroeconomic factors, using historical data from the client, as well as media support data.

"OMD Media Direction provided us with innovative tools and platforms which allowed planning the budget and forecasting targeted sales with higher accuracy. Cooperation with their team brought us to a new level, " – Victoria Tsomaia, marketing director of Volya, told about the successful cooperation experience.

The mechanism proved itself so effective that in 2016 agency made a decision to create a special unit OMD MD Intelligence, which would focus on implementation of its own analytical products, as well as strategic support for customers. To date, its main areas of expertise are media and business analytics, econometric modeling and in-depth studies of target audiences.

Integrated projects and emotional marketing

The need for integration is prompted by the transformation of the market itself, and sponsorship projects for a long time have been using different tools and platforms, whether it’s television or stadium open-air concert, at once. And the more different tools are involved in promotion, the more integrated the project becomes. Combining an emotional platform with econometrics and touchpoint planning allowed OMD Media Direction to significantly improve the overall effectiveness of their campaigns. One of the latest examples of the typical integrated project from OMD Media Direction is an advertising promotional campaign of a not-that-well-known board games for children from the extremely-well-known company Hasbro. Organic synergy of media communication tools used in the brand content of the popular show for kids on the Pixel channel allowed to reach more than half of the target audience. At the same time, renouncing the usual direct TV advertising allowed not only to significantly spare the budget, but also to sweep the sponsor name behind the bright carpet, saving the native essence of the content.

Effective approach in media planning: from media channels to media touchpoints

Consumer information behavior is changing rapidly as technologies evolve, thus thinking in terms TV and Online categories is not enough anymore. In mid-2017, OMD Media Direction launched and started adapting Connection Planning for strategic and operational planning. Thanks to the network approach, where the qualitative indicator of engagement is considered along with the quantitative indicators of each touchpoint, one can compare working with opinion leaders and direct TV advertising. To date, the agency is already using 25 touchpoints.

As a result of consistent use of all aforementioned tools and mechanics, the agency's client pool has expanded: within the first two months of 2018, it was replenished by market players such as pharmaceutical company Bayer, dairy producer TERRA FOODS and one of the largest Ukrainian banks PUMB.

“Our early investment in developing proprietary advertising technologies and, more importantly, cultivating young, technologically-minded staff is clearly having an impact. We are truly proud to surpass most agencies in terms of opportunities and results even in the largest, most developed world markets at the moment. For the sake of such achievements, we recruit energetic, efficient, intelligent people with digital state of mind, who do not rely on the old ways of doing business, but focus on “European” Ukraine,” – Andy Bain, the President of the Atlantic Group, summed up the landmark event. 


*WARC 100 – is a Gunn Report unit that annually ranks the world's best marketing campaigns and companies, based on performance in effectiveness and strategy competitions. The festivals taken into account before the rating is compiled are never revealed, but the evaluation is conducted based on the credibility of each contest.