American Management in Ukrainian Conditions




Within the framework of the project "Features of American Management in Ukrainian Conditions," Andrew Bain shared his experience of doing business in Ukraine with the publication of "Novoe Vremya".

Bain observed that the American management system is based on efficiency and focus on achieving goals. This system has its roots in colonial America, with the immigrants who began building America more than 500 years ago. These early settlers knew that it would be difficult, and that they would have to work hard to survive. So, the most intelligent and hardworking people have survived.

According to Bain, the Soviet style of management is typical for Ukraine: "Three years ago, Ukrainians went to Maidan because they wanted to live like in European democratic countries. But to start a revolution and to build a new Ukraine are two different things. Now I see that many people just sit and wait for the arrival of the things they demonstrated for at Maidan. Many executives of companies think that they will build transparent businesses and work according to Western standards when the country changes. But we need to start doing this right now, because only then will there be changes. "

The full version of the interview can be read on «Novoe Vremya»