Jameson Bartender Ball

Worldwide brand’s platform support

Jameson St. Patrick’s Day

How to communicate with customers via large-scale social and sponsor projects

6 lifehacks for effective anti-crisis management

Ballantine’s Day

Highlight the brand within the message cluster on Valentine’s Day

New Way of Advertising: How to Communicate with Generation Z?

Open-ended transformation

Staying on the same page: joint efforts in the name of a good deed

The joint project of the US Embassy Kyiv and PR agency Pleon Talan has helped thousands of people find like-minded persons on the Army FM frequencies.

AGAMA digest

Zuckerberg reported on his fight against offensive content – not without the help of AI

Running in the name of a good cause

19th KIAF shortlists

AGAMA Communications agencies were shortlisted 17 times.

Armed with knowledge: the information warfare against viruses

A Life dedicated to achieving goals: sport in the name of the greater




Invisible Campaign

Public service announcement against sexual and gender-based violence in the ATU zone for UNHCR

Andrew Bain of Atlantic Group: importance of change and real actions

Andrew Bain, the President of Atlantic Group communication holding, spoke about the process of internal and external transformations in the company, its results, and plans for the nearest future in the exclusive interview at the request of FOCUS.

AGAMA digest

The first quarter of 2018 was full of surprises and confirmed forecasts. AGAMA Communications’ specialists scrupulously followed all the significant events of the year in the world of advertising, from Hollywood to Kyiv,

WOW DONE AWARDS 2018 Results