About fresh folk wisdom, Ukrainian generosity and kvass

New designs and roller for kvass "Village and People"  

Respect traditions and drink kvass!

New designs for kvass «Selo i Lyudy» in a can  


To hear each other

Gender equality campaign  

Nadiia Andrianova has joined AGAMA Communications as Chief Operating

Previously she co-founded and leaded as a partner Maxima Ukraine Advertising Agency

Tom Goddard – new chairman of Atlantic Group

Agama Communication is a part og holding.


Ads had been placed in June 2019 in the close to points of sale

Real fan club for the Ukrainian national team

Safety belt or death

To impress over a cup of coffee

Kvass of folk wisdom “village and people” - from the rural to the urba

The creative division of AGAMA Communications has developed a creative platform  "Silski visti" for thenew kvass "Village and people"

Fast breakfast can be healthy too

What do office “Early Birds” have for breakfast?

Ecological political and social advertising

SPICE UP this winter with Honey Pepper