Wearied by the merciless summer heat, the audience needed to shaken up and get introduced to a new basil flavored Somersby cider – a perfect drink for a hot summer day.



A brand new flavor needed a brand new can design, combining the natural colors of the basil and a little bit of fun.

PROVID / DDB team also decided that such an original flavor should not simply follow the existing trends. So, we decided to start our own – a basil tattoo.

We started a social media campaign where everyone could win an exclusively basil tattoo. People only had to choose one out of six tattoo parlors in five cities (Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnipro) and wait for a happy basil to make his choice.

Basil flavored Somersby also went to Ukraine’s two biggest tattoo festivals in Kyiv and Odessa. You could get a permanent or temporary tattoo in brand locations.  

Animated pre-rolls have ensured additional event support



Over 900 people got engaged in a new Somersby campaign. 18 of them from 5 cities got real basil tattoos and couldn’t help sharing their rapturous emotions. Thus, over 160 thousand of social media users have learned about our campaign.

This #basileto was a summer to remember!