Kredobank has launched a loan refinancing program “Don’t be idle – refinance your loan” designed to help quickly repay old loans on new favorable terms. The agency has been tasked with promoting and raising awareness of the project itself, as well as all its benefits for as many potential and current customers of the banking sector as possible.


To ensure maximum coverage, it was decided to conduct a two-channel communication in print and online media both on the regional and national scales.

For the national online campaign 2 special projects were created:

1. A series of 4 creative long reads for NV.UA:

• “How to pay less on a loan? Homer Simpson explains,

• “Solving debt problems handbook”,

• “Have a loan, don’t have the money? 7 life hacks to solve financial problems ",

• “After the loan. Eight lessons on money management”.

2. Non-standard interactive activation for TSN.UA (thematic online test).

As a promotion of special projects, we carried out an additional communication: promo publications and banners on Facebook, a banner on the main page of the website (NV.UA), as well as creating infographics and gif animations. Also, a printed version of the article “Credits: reloading. What to do when struggling with finances” was published in the Novoe Vremya magazine.



As a part of the regional campaign, an additional series of articles about refinancing has been written for print (Express, Vysoky Zamok, Vechirniy Kharkiv, Odeskaya zhyzn, MMS-Іnform) and online (048.ua, 057.ua, News N, "Visti Prydniprovya", Kherson Daily) media. 


Thanks to the complex multi-format communication, agency managed to significantly raise the awareness of the Kredobank project throughout the country. Printed articles had better outreach in the regions (723,014 OTS), while online publications proved to be more effective on the national scale (1 665 140 OTS). The interactive test page received 13,105 views, 11,868 of which were unique. The total outreach of publications for 3 months was 2 388 154 OTS.