Every year, the issue of fish poaching in Ukraine becomes horrifying in its consequences.

Poaching has resulted in the extinction of the 2 species of sturgeon in Ukraine and 4 of them being threatened and listed in the Red Book.

The reason for this is sturgeon caviar, which has a high demand in the market, making poaching extremely profitable.

We drew attention to the problem of poaching and its detrimental effect on the sturgeon species. 


Ukrainian aquaculture community has initiated this project.

According to research, about 10 tons of black sturgeon caviar are consumed annually in Ukraine, 20% of which is a legal product from aquafarms. 80% of caviar is obtained from illegal poaching, which has put the existence of a sturgeon species under threat.

Poaching has become possible due to the high demand for black caviar and uncontrolled fish catch. These key issues are addressed in the "Stop poaching" educational campaign.

During our work, it was important for us to focus on the consumption of certified sturgeon caviar marked with the CITES code. Since only legal ways to obtain caviar help keep sturgeons alive. A consumer's refusal of poaching caviar will reduce the volume of sturgeon's illegal catch. This will be our victory.

First, we wanted to attract eco-activists, ecologically conscious citizens and representatives of civil society, people who are not ignorant of the poaching problem.

Through the shocking visualization of the campaign, we showed the horrible situation of sturgeon and compared poaching with a meat grinder, because the image of meat grinder perfectly illustrates the barbaric way of obtaining caviar and killing sturgeons.


At this point sturgeons in Ukraine are on the verge of extinction. There is a threat that this species, like many others, will disappear. We call for the refusal of illegal, poaching caviar. Since such caviar is being extracted until it has demand.