Oriflame is the most famous international cosmetic company, which use the method of direct sales. The success of business directly depends on the motivation and interest of the consultants to buy and distribute the goods. The confidence in the brand and ease of sales is the key to success. The confidence was seriously shaken by the rapid growth in the value of production in 2014 crisis year. The network of consultants began to decline, and those that remained, sold products with much less enthusiasm. Business indicators of the company began to fall sharply...


The solution we were looking for must not only to answer the final consumers on the question of whether to pay more, but also to renew the confidence of consultants in the relevance and certain status of the products among customers, and also to demonstrate the diversity and benefits of the products in various situations of its use.


The only format that could solve these problems for the equivalent of the cost of direct advertising was the format of television sponsorship. In addition to high purely media indicators, the thoughtful deep integration into the popular show "Bach" gave an additional exclusive opportunity. In the process of direct sales, the company's consultants could use the video episodes of the project before they were aired.


Each new series of the show gave many reasons for discussion, and the sale process turned into a friendly conversation of people united by common interests and values. Instead of the expected decline in performance, the company received an increase in sales during the catalog period and a significant increase in the number of consultants.