Nemiroff, a brand with a 25-year history, popular in the 80 countries, decided on a global image update. Visual changes represent the idea of courage, brand’s masculine character, and indomitable spirit. The company has a long-time experience of supporting professional sports, boxing in particular. Partnership with WWFC was chosen to promote this new image and mixed martial arts in Ukraine. It was sport’s familiar system of values that has drawn the attention of male-oriented brand, as well as a large audience of fans around the world, who are potential consumers of the company's product.

The WWFC audience is not only TV viewers, but millions of social media users subscribed to the organization’s and its athletes’ accounts as well. This powerful active digital community is yet another opportunity for Nemiroff brand to increase loyalty. Agency’s task was to increase the popularity of Nemiroff brand in the world via Facebook and Instagram, engaging opinion leaders to participate in a partnership sporting event.  


Kyiv held the WWFC 13, professional mixed martial arts tournament. The international MMA promotion World Warriors Fighting Championship organized the event, and Nemiroff became a partner. There were nine fights between athletes from Ukraine, France, Poland, Brazil, Austria, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Moldova and Belarus, with a mesmerizing title defense by the current champion Roman Dolidze against Pole Mikhail Pasternak.

This event was chosen to engage opinion leaders who share Nemiroff values and whose subscribers are the company’s target audience. 7 bloggers who were selected for participation, received invitations and VIP passes to a high-profile sporting event. 

The guests witnessed spectacular fights, broadcasted worldwide, had an opportunity to be the first to stream the event, create stories, take pictures in Nemiroff photo zones and post them on social media. The event itself and Nemiroff sponsorship in particular were successfully promoted, which increased the brand awareness and loyalty to the brand. This helped to deliver the message about the new partnership both in Ukraine and in other countries, which broadcasted the fights. 


Collaboration with bloggers has increased loyalty to the company and brand awareness. Posts with photos and videos from the event with hashtags #NemiroffWWFC, #Nemiroffman, #WWFC13 and #Nemiroff, made it to the top news feeds and received feedback from subscribers. The outreach for 14 posts and 26 stories on Facebook and Instagram was more than 540 000 users in the 25-35 age group. 60% of bloggers exceeded their KPIs in terms of interactions, and the brand gained new loyal opinion leaders who can take part in further activities of the company, increasing Nemiroff mentions in social media.