Within the framework of Unilever’s global plan for sustainable development and quality of life of improvement, the company has implemented a number of socially significant projects in its countries of operation. LLC "Unilever Ukraine" has given the GROU team the task to develop and implement the project’s concept in Ukraine, within the framework of the global plan. 


The GROU team developed a creative concept and implemented Lipton's "Communication Space" project in Square 2 of Kontraktova Square. In the project, “smart shops” that featured solar-powered batteries, free Wi-Fi, and mobile charging stations were set up in the square, as well as interactive trash cans that encouraged people to take care of the environment. The “Communication Space” team worked together with the media, as well as representatives in local government, to publicize the initiative. Additionally, the team involved the local community by organizing a design competition for the space. The initiative was a success, and the Square Number 2 “Communication Space” was included in a media review of useful innovations of Summer 2017.




Components of the project