In 2016 the Activia brand was the leader in the segment of drinking yogurts, and a quarter of its consumers were women aged 18 to 24 years. The company Danone released Activia Drink & Go, a new product that addressed the situation of "on-the-go” eating. The launch of the novel product was to increase the share of the Activia brand in the segment of drinking yogurts due to the increasing popularity of “on-the-go” food, especially among women ages 18 to 24.


A rapid increase in the consumption of yogurt on the move corresponding to the increase in consumption of other “on-the-go” food and drinks was not a given. Therefore, the challenge was not only to consolidate the "on-the-go" consumption situation  for a new drinking yogurt, but also to minimize risks of cannibalizing the brand's regular drinking yogurts with a new product. Communication, however, had to be concentrated on the active audience with an acute shortage of time.


It would be great to do what brands usually do. Do not slow down and have the opportunity to eat something useful even on the move! Activia Drink & Go allows you to combine a snack with any activity. We verbalized it, changing the name a little: Drink & Run, Drink & Swim, Drink & Work, that is, DRINK & WHATEVER. 


In order to connect with the target audience, we carefully selected the format of the video. The video was shot as if from the front camera of a smartphone or GoPro, in the center of which there is always a character who is also a director, cameraman, scriptwriter, presenter, lighting technician and editor of his own small show. This format has significantly reduced the cost of post-production rollers. We wanted for product representatives two celebrities who could connect with the target audience with their appearance and ability to entertain and get into unpredictable situations. They were Anya Gres and Alexander (Sasha) Baraboshko (Cruz Cruz). Sasha, with a sincere smile, and cheerful, active blonde Anya (a real self-made Activia-girl) made an interesting pair. In order to avoid a negative reaction to such obvious advertising on by opinion leaders and to form a sense of impartiality on the part of bloggers, a "tease and reveal" strategy was chosen. To maximize the targeting of CA as the main communication channels, social networks Facebook and Vkontakte were chosen.


The positive results of the advertising campaign led to Danone succeeding the business goals with which it had come to us. In the segment of drinking yogurts, Activia increased its sales by more than planned, earning the highest figures in its history on the market.


In this case, cannibalization was only 5% against the planned 50%!