In the second half of 2014, the corporation S.I. GROUP split into two competing corporations. TM Flint, the market leader in the snack rusks category, remained in the portfolio of one of the corporations, along with the most experienced members of the original corporation’s marketing team. The second corporation, S.GROUP, began to fill the gap created in the portfolio by the loss of TM Flint as soon as possible. S. GROUP acquired Snekkin, a new brand on the market, and launched a new product under its name to compete for sales in the profitable category of snack rusks. 


A limited budget and inexperienced team required a launch targeted to the narrowest possible audience. However, as S. GROUP had several clients, it was necessary to run campaigns for several products simultaneously. Such a multiproduct portfolio is required, since networks are primarily interested in manufacturers who are able to produce the maximum number of subcategories. In addition, the production line has certain parameters for the volume of production at which a competitive price can be sustained.


In order to avoid confusion in consumers’ perception of products, each promotional campaign targeted very specific age groups. The main channel of communication was television. The campaigns were implemented by expanding the advertising of two sub-brands along the grid of distribution channels in such a way that they did not overlap, and stayed highly flexible. 


This strategy resulted in the successful launch of the brands, and growth of business and communication indicators at more than a third of the projected increase.