There are more than 1,600 Internet providers of different sizes on the Ukrainian market in 2016, and about half of them offer IPTV. Ukrtelecom came out with a proposal for IPTV four years after the main competitor Volya, Volya launched Smart TV in the second half of 2010, and faced a number of other problems. At that time, Ukrtelecom was perceived as a provider of only telephone and Internet, and was not associated with TV services. Furthermore, early users of the Internet had already used competitive offers.


Innovative services are easy to sell to innovators. It’s enough to show that this has not happened yet, and curiosity or the desire to be a pioneer will prevail. At the same time, traditionalists, who are accustomed to assess everything rationally and skeptical about the novelties, are more wont to consider such services to be superfluous.


It was necessary to show that our product, while innovative, also solves very understandable basic problems, which they may have perceived as natural and therefore left unresolved. After research, we saw that in order to make the life of loved ones better, people often sacrifice their own interests. They change plans, turn down opportunities in favor of children or loved ones, and skip their favorite programs. It remained to be seen how one could be equally loving and caring without sacrificing their own interests.


Ads positively affected the entire brand of Ukrtelecom, as there was more intention to use and recommend the brand among those who saw these ads than after ads of competitors that appeared in the same period. TV-Movie Ukrtelecom came out on top of competitors in certain key indicators, and the company's results showed an increase in revenue by a third, significantly higher than its original goal to increase by one-fifth.