Over the past decade, the rules of the game in the global premium alcohol market have changed dramatically. If earlier the main consumers were people over thirty, now the core is young people from 18 to 25 years old. Companies that for decades have built relationships with an adult audience have ceased to be relevant to the new customer base, generation Y or Millenials. In addition, over the past twenty years, the standard of living has increased, meaning that today’s young people can afford to buy premium alcohol, which had typically been too expensive for their generational peers. Therefore, all premium drinks have begun to rebrand themselves with an orientation towards a young audience.


As part of rebranding at the global level, Martini highlighted the sponsorship of the Williams Martini Racing team in Formula 1. The problem was that in Ukraine, Formula 1 is not at all popular. Only 5% of the country's population is interested in motorsport or motor sport, and it is for this reason that on TV channels from 2016 the broadcasting of these competitions was stopped.


Without violating the overall tone of the global campaign, the brand’s celebrity sponsor, Ivan Dorn, was brought to the forefront of communication. He was the creative director of the project and a kind of aspirational figure for the project’s target audience. The campaign emphasized his personality and lifestyle, which are of interest to Ukrainian youth in addition to his work.


The new direction in which AGAMA took Martini’s Ukraine campaign resulted in a significant slowdown of the declining sales trend in the Vermouth category and consolidation of the brand’s position as leader in the premium segment of the Sparkling Wines category.