Every year, road safety is becoming a bigger issue in Ukraine as accident statistics are horrifying and require immediate action.

Every day, at least 10 people die on the roads of Ukraine. During the year, the number of road traffic victims exceeds 3,5 thousand. In 50% of fatal accidents, drivers and passengers could survive if they were fastened.


To fasten your seat belt is such an easy thing to do. That’s what our project is all about.


The Center for Democracy and Rule of Law had founded the project as part of the "Road Safety" campaign.

Seat belt use statistics in Ukraine are the lowest among all European countries. According to a study undertaken as part of the "Road Safety" campaign, only 23% of drivers in Ukrainian cities fasten their seat belts. At the same time, this rate is 99% in France, 97% in Czech Republic, 93% in Slovenia, and 83% in Poland.

Educational campaigns are one of the tools for influencing people's behavior and cultivating seat belt habits. That’s why the Provid/DDB agency has been involved in this project.

While working on this project, we aimed to call on both the driver and the passenger to be responsible on the road, as many of us are one of them almost every day.

We’ve put ourselves into the shoes of a person, who doesn’t want to fasten the seat belt and figured out his motives and arguments against the change. This helped us build the line of reasoning, persuasive messages for every driver/passenger.


According to the WHO,  fastening the seat belt reduces the road traffic death rate by 50%. We encourage everyone to learn from others' mistakes. Many drivers and passengers might have survived should they been wearing their seatbelts. Sadly, it's too late for them.

But not for you.