AB InBev Efes  has launched a new brand of kvass in the folk style “Village and People”.
For its promotion in various communications channels, a creative platform was needed.
The task was to create a world of kvass with its own rules, mythology and artifacts of the Ukrainian village.


Kvass folk wisdom was brought from the rural to the urban by AGAMA Communications. Creative platform “Silski visti. Kvass of people's wisdom” was created to realize that idea. That wisdom was manifested in the recipe for good kvass, in daily advices and deeds. Do you think grandmothers just sit on
benches and gossip? In fact, they are doing an important thing - they keep the commandments that live in rural and urban areas. These commandments are written on the labels. And we understand that these commandments originate from observations of life stories. After all, there is always something happening in the Ukrainian village. The village newspaper is still a relevant information carrier. Therefore, posters and billboards were stylized as the newspaper of the district. We have also transmitted news on the radio in the “breaking news” format, so that shop visitors would learn that a new kvass had arrived in the city from the villagers themselves.


“Silsk visti” turned out to be an extremely lively platform, which gives endless space for content generation and, importantly, where “Village and People” kvass is represented as a source of people`s strength (the power that is necessary for wisdom). You can supplement advertising tools with radio spots with rural rumors, you can travel with kvass to all sorts of fairs and open-air events. You can do your reality show about rural life. Everything is allowed.