The main task of the project is to increase sales of the Technodom Internet shop over the summer period. There are no restrictions on where the new sales have to come from; both attracting new customers and making new sales from previous customers are suitable. However, the idea has to be built on the back-to-school topic and has to involve corresponding product categories: computers, gadgets, e-readers, etc. 

Idea and solution

Technodom launched a social project dedicated to reading.

We reminded parents that their children had to read to be successful in the future. Moreover, we created an incentive program that made clear to children the profitability of reading, as they would have the opportunity to win prizes the more they read.

Parents registered their children indicating their grade level and name. Children chose what books they wanted to read and a prize– a longed-for gadget. When children were ready, they went to their mom or dad and a test on the website.


The more correct answers the child gave, the bigger discount the parent received. It was a win-win!


A banner on the main page of the Technodom website announcing the promotion and posts in its communities on Facebook alone drew over 400 participants out of about 5500 visitors to the site. Conversion rate (participants out of traffic) constituted 7.5% , which was better than in all previous promotions on the client’s website. 175 promo codes were given out. In 2016, the client plans to allocate a separate budget on the promotion of the project and do a second wave.