The well-known international brand Electrolux had been producing some models of washing machines in Ukraine since 2010, but a serious mistrust of Ukrainian-produced machines threatened the company’s survival. The problem they face was illustrated by the fact that sales of imported machines were 10 times greater than sales of Ukrainian-made machines. 


The company fared no better in the wave of patriotism after the 2014 revolution when, contrary to expectations, people did not begin to massively buy Ukrainian-made goods, continuing to consider them of lower quality than imported ones.


The inspiration for our solution was based on the idea that a good weapon against an established stereotype is another strong and established stereotype. Most people in post-Soviet societies believe that the goods we produce for export are of much better quality than the ones produced at home. We compared typical responses of Ukrainians about Ukrainian technology with real picture at the Electrolux plant, which completely contradicted these preconceived ideas. While Ukrainians spoke about poor quality, Electrolux washing machines are built, packed, and sent to homes in Europe and abroad to as many as 15 countries of the world!


The company ranked No.1 for total sales in December 2014 and sales stayed strong long enough after the campaign.