The US Embassy Kyiv wanted to support the Ukrainian military through the media engagement. Army FM radio station has been chosen as the key communication channel. It is the first military radio station in Ukraine made by the military itself. This radio station is designed for military forces who serve in the ATO zone. Broadcast includes information about the Ukrainian army activities, discussions about the military needs in the ATO zone, congratulation speeches to Ukrainian soldiers from civilians, news, legal advice to AFU soldiers, incredible stories about combatants and their commanders, foreign and Ukrainian music, with more than half the airtime reserved for the latter. The key feature of the radio station is that its staff consists entirely of professional military men and people related to military (journalists who graduated from the relevant military department). Therefore, the primary task was to increase awareness of Army FM throughout Eastern Ukraine. One of the largest PR agencies in the country, Pleon Talan («Плеон Талан»), which solves the clients’ problems with maximum efficiency assisted the US Embassy in the implementation of this project.


The solution for the joint project of the US Embassy Kyiv and the PR agency Pleon Talan was the Army FM radio station communication support using online and offline resources. It provided for the development of the affinity distribution plan: banner promotion, online rotation through the relevant websites, posting information about radio stations on billboards, advertising in the popular East Ukrainian media, developing and manufacturing POSM materials: branded mugs, bags, stickers, pens, baseball caps and T-shirts.


45 billboards in Kramatorsk, Mariupol and Bakhmut have been used for Army FM advertising for 2 months. Online rotation on websites with a large target audience outreach, such as Ukr.net, Pravda.com.ua and Obozrevatel.com, was launched. Radio station advertising could be seen in the popular East Ukrainian media (15 publications). Merch products with the radio station logo were manufactured and distributed thanks to the efforts of the Pleon Talan tight-knit team: 1000 mugs, 10 000 bags, 30 000 stickers, 4 000 T-shirts, 4 000 caps and 1 000 ballpoint pens and 100 banners.


During the period between October 2017 and April 2018, Pleon Talan team and the US Embassy managed to conduct a successful advertising campaign and achieve the desired number of views on all platforms: 2,018,323 views were received, which is 0.92% more than planned. All platforms showed good results, which means their audiences are interested in this topic, according to 2,963 clicks – almost 2 times the planned amount.


The actual CTR was 0.15%, which is 2 times higher than the initial plan. The audience exceeded the expected numbers by 16%. It is worth mentioning obozrevatel.com and pravda.com.ua – their outreach exceeded the plan by 23% and 78% respectively.


Target audience outreach has spread beyond the borders of the Eastern Ukraine to other regions, which exceeded the plan by 3.6%. It is worth mentioning the website pravda.com.ua, where the TA outreach was 2 times higher than planned.


The implementation of the project by the US Embassy together with Pleon Talan PR agency showed good results, according to a significantly increased number of listeners as a result of the advertising campaign. Today people, both military and civilians, who want to stay on top of the latest reports from the ATO zone, from 17 cities of Donetsk and Lugansk regions listen to Army FM. Military men feel constant support and realize that their noble cause finds a response in people’s hearts