About the project

In Ukraine nearly every 20 minutes a traffic accident occurs. With an average of 11 traffic fatalities daily, the grim tally reaches annually up to 5000 deaths, involving mostly young adults. 45% of those fatal accidents are caused by speeding. According to the research, two foremost motivators to observe speed limits are the fear of getting killed or disabled and the fear of killing others. So, we created a campaign, prompting people to internalize this idea, as if an accident had already happened.

Three people, most likely to meet traffic accident victims – the undertaker, the nurse and the emergency serviceman – became heroes of a variety of media materials, where they spoke their mind about the aftermath of the accident directly to the potential offenders. While in on-line content-oriented videos used as pre-rolls at streaming services, they  addressed the issue of speeding in terms of notions natural to the online-viewing audience.