TM Heineken surprises football fans around the world with its non-standard approaches to viewing the football matches of the Champions League. In Ukraine, Heineken gives this opportunity to its customers for two years in a row. The task for the Agency here was to offer non-standard venues for match-related events and to entertain guests with football themed activities.


In 2016, the Talan Events team proposed a floating location - a ship that was completely decorated with a football theme and featured decks equipped with mini football fields, where guests could comfortably watch football, eat, and take part in football games and other activities.  The following year, the team Talan SE went, so to speak, higher, and offered fans the opportunity to watch the match from a rooftop. This space was also decorated with a football theme, and the activities of the event fully reflected the spirit of the football festival.


Guests were impressed with the unusual venues and enjoyed the football related activities.