Heat. The city is empty, the country season is waking up. And summer in the countryside is clean air, picturesque locations, generous tables and fresh kvass, which seemed to be waiting for warmth for all of us. After all, kvass "Village and People" has prepared new labels with new fan wisdom, and a new video.
"Village and People" is about Ukrainian traditions, - says Valeria Gladilina, senior brand manager of brands in the economy segment ABInbev Efes Ukraine. - About cozy family gatherings at a generous table, about sincere friendship and love for the family, as well as about delicious kvass, which is brewed in the traditions of the Ukrainian village. Actually, we wanted to convey this in the video, without too much wisdom. "

Pour a mug of cold kvass, settle more comfortably - even near the pond, even under the air conditioner, even under the cherry - and look.

Creative directors - Olga Lukyanenko, Vladislav Galyapa

Art director - Anastasia Roganova

Senior copywriter - Angela Osipova

Illustrator of labels - Dmitry Krivonos

Customer Service Director - Iryna Okhramovich

Project manager - Olga Sachenko

ABInbev Efes Ukraine

Senior brand manager of brands in the economy segment - Valeria Gladilina

Marketing manager of brands in the economy segment - Alexei Popov

Marketing Director of ABInbev Efes Ukraine - Anna Rudenko

Animation - studio "Illustration"