In the eventful year of 2014, the greatest challenge before established companies in Ukraine was maintaining their positions through a difficult economic situation with an unchanged advertising budget.

As an experienced player in the telecom industry, Volya realized that they needed to innovate new marketing tools if they wanted to increase their sales. He scrutinized customer-company interaction at every stage in order to find unused opportunities. One of the questions that was raised was how the efficiency of the call center, which was subject to alternating high and low call time, could be increased?


To influence the efficiency of the call center means to learn how to predict the call volume, and then how to actually control it. The peak times for downloading correlated with the airing times of TV advertisements, but adjusting the hourly call center work based on the level of TRP was not a practical solution. A non-standard approach to predicting and managing peak times was necessary, emphasizing the final key metric (number of calls) that resulted in sales.


Effectively managing the call center’s traffic allowed the implementation of the BrandMetrics econometric model. With its help, the volume of calls could be linked to the placement of TV advertisements, and the percentage of deferred calls was calculated according to the time of day of advertising and the day of the week. Further, other factors affecting the conversion of calls to sales were considered, which allowed for appropriate changes to be made in order to increase conversion rates. 


This intervention reduced the amount of calls that did not get through and the average time on hold, and increased the conversion rate of calls to the call center. As a result, companies saw their sales in 2014 grow in spite of deteriorating economic conditions.