In 2015, revenues from vermouths in Ukraine had been steadily falling due to the growing diversity of the alcohol market and the country’s changing consumption culture. This shift began in 2013, when Martini was seriously threatened by a new brand in the category (Marengo), which immediately increased the volume of the market and took a weighty share of profits it.


In order to maintain the sales level despite new competition, the company decided to support the vermouth Martini and at the same time strengthen the category of Sparkling Wines with the support of Martini Prosecco, at the time a new product in Ukraine.


The situation was complicated by the fact that Martini uses the strategy of global centrally planned advertising campaigns, in which Ukraine had not previously participated. In 2015, the global campaign #Martiniracing, with its grand  prize of a Porsche Carrero, assumed the involvement of participants from owned media in the campaign’s promotion. This and other mechanics of the campaign, while familiar to participants of other national markets, seemed incredibly difficult to execute in Ukrainian.

In addition, the campaign’s objectives did not take into account the described complex situation with the introduction of a new competitor and the need for appropriate counter-action.


We developed a comprehensive social media marketing strategy to ensure a high conversion rate. In particular, we implemented the use of non-standard advertising formats with a higher visibility and clickability potential, contextual advertising, custom targeting of the audience, reactivation of users, and the use of smart banners with the possibility of conversion at the time the message was shown. The highlight of the project was sponsorship by the reality show 'SHAME or FAME' with well-known TV and radio presenter Andrei Shabanov, in which he daily selected blindly the keys to either an old worn car or a luxurious Porsche in the Martini color scheme. All the involved channels of communication complemented each other and created full integration both in terms of brand communication and in the stages of interaction with the audience.


The chosen measures resulted in the success of the campaign, as evidenced by exceptionally high participation from Ukraine. Ultimately, 30% of all participants in the contest worldwide were from Ukraine. We were able to not only sustain, but also significantly increase the market share of the Martini vermouth, while Martini Prosecco became the main growth driver for the Sparkling Wines business and the only player in the International SPW category that has sustained its growth beyond the end of the campaign. The most interesting thing is that the contest was won by a Ukrainian!