High utility costs are very worrisome for Ukrainian citizens, but even sky-high utility bills are not enough to teach Ukrainians how to save energy resources. Energy efficiency ratings are perceived as a purely technical specification, which the average Ukrainian consumer does not connect to their pocketbook.  Because the connection between energy efficiency rating and utility costs is not clearly delineated, consumers fail to understand the long-term benefits of using such appliances.

As a leader in the production of household appliances, Electrolux believes that it has a responsibility to lead positive change in the area of energy consumption.

The company Electrolux decided to help consumers understand energy efficiency ratings of household appliances (A, A ++, A +++) and how to maximize their savings with them.



The Clever Force team developed and implemented a comprehensive campaign called "TECHNIQUE PAYING ACCOUNTS". Shoppers are guaranteed to receive compensation for electricity costs generated by their Electrolux energy-efficient large household appliances for a period of up to 15 years.