The task was to optimize media investments, namely:

1. determine the effectiveness of advertising in the context of each individual advertising campaign

2. determine the wear-out effect of the advertising message

3. understand the effective period of the campaign

4. evaluate the effectiveness of other advertising tools

5. optimize costs using these tools

6. provide a forecast for the plan implementation 


To solve the problem at the first stage, we collected detailed historical data on the client's business results (calls to the call center and sales), data on media activity of the brand and its competitors, macroeconomic statistics.

To determine the effectiveness of the advertising campaign, we applied our Brand Metrics ® approach, which is based on methods of mathematical analysis and forecasting, for the key metric "Incoming calls to the call center." After analyzing all available data on the basis of the model, we were able to determine the effectiveness of each communication channel from a standpoint of all promotional campaigns. This formed the basis of the project.

Based on the response curve, we determined the dynamics of advertising message effectiveness during the flight and calculated the most effective total number of ratings per week, after which the coverage is accumulated ineffectively.

After receiving the required reporting period, we evaluated the effectiveness of other advertising tools for achieving business results (such as replacing creative content, a break in an advertising campaign, and the launch of a promotional offer).

As a result, we came up with recommendations for media activities that will allow us to get the maximum response and thereby fulfill the sales plan with minimal investment.


Based on the approach, we found a solution and developed a submodel for daily and weekly business tasks monitoring in order to respond to the dynamics of business indicators and forecast the call center capacity as quickly as possible.


The key result is the implementation of a sales plan at an optimal level of investment.

In addition, within the framework of analytics, we were able to accurately predict the call center load, which had an operational optimization: the optimal distribution of the resource allowed us to reduce call losses and thereby increase the company's sales.

Through the use of the Brand Metrics ® approach, we received the following general results:

1. Determined the effectiveness of each given media channel.

2. Found the advertising campaign’s optimal period.

3. Determined the creative content replacement effectiveness and its implementation period.

4. Determined the effectiveness of promotional offers and the optimal timing for their launch.

 And business results:

• FTE optimization by 20%

• increase in conversion of calls to connection requests by 29%

• sales growth in specific regions by 9%

• optimization of TV investments by 3%

• growth of targeted traffic in every given sales channel

• raising the daily calls forecast accuracy by 3%