Ketchup market has been decreasing progressively each year. Torchyn as a leader and one of the most expensive brands in the category is affected by this change more than most. Trying to save up during the inflation people choose cheaper ketchup brands or homemade sauces and preserves. Torchyn has always been on the «taste» territory in communication, which was the key to success. Thus, the main competitors’ aim at the «naturalness» allows them to get ahead taking away Torchyn’s market share. Consumers outflow trend works in competitors’ favor. Torchyn brand had to prevent consumer from switching to products that look more natural, that's why we created an integrated communication campaign focused on Torchyn's quality.


The Superiority campaign was planned and implemented as communication integration. In a short period of time we had to deploy a negative sales trend and return client’s market share.

We know that many ketchup consumers are switching to cheaper brands or brands focused on naturalness. Therefore, we chose the other direction – quality. So, what does the ketchup quality mean for consumers? Someone thinks it is tomato paste made from tomatoes of high quality. Others worry about the date of expiry. And someone just doesn’t trust the recipe. The campaign allowed us to get exactly the explanation we needed.



Campaign results exceeded all the expectations and the most challenging KPI forecasts. Not only have we stopped the brand’s decreasing sales, but also reverted the dynamics in category. After the Torchyn campaign launch category showed growth for the first time in 3 years and Torchyn market share reached 55% (+6 p.p vs plan and +3 p.p vs ambitions plan).

Sales increased by 17%, from - 6% to 11%, in 4Q and by 10% in the long-term period (YTD 2017).