In Ukraine, the level of seat belt use is the lowest among all European countries. According to WHO, 77% of drivers neglect one important rule. Typical rational calls to fasten the seat belt do not help change the situation. Even the fines aren`t high enough to stimulate the driver to fasten.

In a strong collision, in 50% of cases, it is the belt that saves people from death. Therefore, it became necessary to choose a new approach and develop an information campaign that would form a subconscious understanding of the threat. Our team was able to accomplish this task by order of the Center for Democracy and the Rule of Law.




To solve this problem, the information campaign "Belt or death" was launched in May. On the central highways of Ukraine there were billboards with a comparative image: a man with bruises from a seat belt, and a photo with traces of the autopsy. By such strong comparison we tried to demonstrate the consequences of a car accident for a person who forgets or does not want to fasten their safety belt.


Social advertising has an emotional foundation and draws attention to the lethal consequences of a car accident, offering drivers the choice of "Belt or death." Now there are two ways to change Ukrainian behavior on the roads: by increasing fines for violations and through information campaigns. "Belt or death" has become part of the system of social communication, implemented at the state level.



Components of the project