The launch of 3G was a significant event for the telecommunications market and was anticipated by both consumers and mobile operators. For several years before in the structure of incomes of operators the share of "voice" decreased significantly, giving way to the mobile Internet as the main source of ARPU increase. Therefore, becoming a leader in 3G was a strategically important task for all players.


At the 3G-auction, life :) bought both the most expensive frequencies and the opportunity to offer the maximum 3G speed in Ukraine. The event captured the attention of the media.


life:) is operator number 3. It is literally half the size of its competitors, therefore traditionally has had much more modest budgets for promotion and communication. Under these circumstances, convincing subscribers to choose 3G offered by life:) is a serious challenge. It was necessary to find an engaging way of communicating the benefits of  life:) 3G to and convince all that life:) is the best operator for using 3G Internet.


The fact of buying the most expensive frequencies was so debated that it would be unreasonable to say, frankly, not to use it to detach  life:) 3G from competitors. For communication, we developed the life:) 3G + sub-brand, which already in the title reflected the advantage over competitors and opened the context for comparing from life:) 3G + with other 3G operators. This was successfully implemented both in the first and subsequent campaigns. The mainstay of communication was the space station "3G +", which allowed the campaign to emphasize the ultimate in human performance speed. To further strengthen this image, we gave the first cosmonaut of Ukraine, Leonid Kadenyuk, the right to launch the fastest 3G network we provided.


We achieved the goals of communicating the advantages of 3G from life :) and stimulating the intention to connect, with a significant gap from competitors. Despite significantly lower media costs, the advertising campaign showed much better results and outperformed benchmarks in the category. The base of life :) subscribers has grown significantly compared to the same period of the previous year with a slight parallel growth in one competitor and a significant decrease in the other.