The entire market of infant formulas depends on the birth rate, which is steadily decreasing each year, resulting in a declining market. The size of the premium segment of the baby food market directly depends on the number of consumers making an above average income, which is also decreasing due to recent economic challenges. Most of all, this reduction affects the leading brand, and when new consumers become fewer, beating out competitors becomes the sole source of growth.

As a rule, pediatricians recommend mothers several brands of formula from which to choose, and the determining factors when choosing between these recommended brands are (often at the shelf) the price and packaging. To avoid direct comparison in price, Nutrilon created non-standard package sizes for the category. One example of these is a 200 g trial package or the 1,000 g package divided into two smaller packs of 500 g.  


How could the mother's perception of a change in size as an ordinary "downsizing" be avoided? And how could the rational advantages of the new Nutrilon packaging be explained to them, so as to really get away from direct price comparison with competitors?


We conducted an advertising campaign that involved two stages. The first "warmed up" the audience with digital- and PR-tools. In the second stage, we launched a large-scale communications campaign in order to reach moms through non-traditional mediums, in addition to direct advertising. The mediums we used ranged from publications and non-standard formats on thematic resources to work with the opinions of authorities on the topic.


We announced the new packaging on thematic sites and media channels, revealing the advantages of the unique complex Pronutra +. Dynamic publications, using non-standard formats, on thematic sites for mothers revealed the uniqueness of Nutrilon children's formulas and the advantages of new formats. The advantages of Nutrilon were promoted by opinion leaders on social media. 


For the first time in 2 years, the attribute "It is expensive, but so useful that it is worth paying for it" has grown by 8%. This indicates that Central Asia chose Nutrilon, understanding its functional advantages and that the difference in price corresponds directly to the superior quality of the product. In addition, key image attributes and Top of Mind grew, and the indicator Brand of First Choice grew by 36%. Consumers have become more confident in the brand. Nutrilon has consolidated its position as market leader, including through the market share of competitors.


Now moms are making smarter choices in taking care of their babies’ health.