About the project

Many of us have heard about Zubrowka, many – have tried this grass drink, but a few of us really know that authentic Polish Zubrowka – is a brand with 600 years of history, heritage and traditions of vodka production from Polish part of Belovezhskaya Puscha. We had to make Zubrowka popular in sub premium segment facing following barriers: Polish vodkas historically are not popular in Ukraine, sub premium segment is almost completely represented by Russian brands and the Ukrainians has strong preferences towards clear vodkas.

But with help of communication, which dips consumers into the brand’s world and delivers unique Zubrowka qualities, the brand managed to win the sympathy of the Ukrainians and became on of the leaders in sub premium segment.

Our campaign brought the third position and share of Zubrowka in the subpremium segment to 13.4%.