AGAMA Digital Breakfast: Inspiration for Digital Strategy 2018





Duration: 1 день

# AGAMADigitalBraffast, which will be held on November 2, is devoted to the current and trendy digital tools, the changes that we recommend customers to make in their future Digital Strategies-2018.

In the program of AGAMADigitalbreakfast:
1. Consumer sentiment - key changes in 2017.
2. Digital trends - an overview of 2017 and key findings for planning for 2018.
3. Meet Generation Z, native mobile generation.
4. Advertising experience: Non-advertising advertising that has value.
5. Facebook - global trends and new tools in Ukraine.
6. Integration into content and working with opinion leaders - how does it work? Case study.
7. Programmatic buying: opportunities, tools, usage peculiarities for the Ukrainian audience, approaches.
8. TNS. New in research in 2018.
9. How to integrate Digital and TV.

Speakers of event:
1. Ruslan Gutnikov, Managing Director OMD | Intelligence HUB
2. Anastasia Butova, Strategic Planner
3. Ivan Poltaracki, Strategic Director
4. Anna Launets, Creative Group Head
5. Oleg Onegov, Admixer
6. Darina Postol, SMM Head
7. Inna Ponik, Programmatic Leader
8. Anna Shahdinaryan, TNS
9. Elena Vlasik, Head of Brand Content

The date of carrying out: November 2, 10:00 - 12.00