Katerina Spivakova: with AGAMA Communications I got a vision for PR




In January, the Pleon Talan team was led by Ekaterina Spivakova. Ekaterina's professional background is work in leading international companies, in international technical assistance projects, as well as in the public sector - in particular, in the Cabinet of Ministers and the office of reforms of the CMU. For Pleon Talan, the experience of the new director means a better understanding of customer needs and an accurate understanding of customer processes.
In an interview with Sostav.ua, Catherine spoke in more detail about her experience, shared her plans for the development and new positioning of Pleon Talan, talked about her own vision of Ukrainian PR as a whole, and also told why she chose AGAMA Communications.

Read the interview at the link: https://sostav.ua/publication/ekaterina-spivakova-mne-nravitsya-multizadachnost-poetomu-ya-davno-planirovala-porabotat-na-storone-agentstva-84206.html